Sunday, 16 June 2013

Aston Park

Aston Tirrold recreation ground  is off the same road that Blewbury park is on, the A417. To park you have to go all the way down Chalk Hill (you will see the park on your right) and take the first right, turning into a small lane. There are two entrances to the recreation ground along this lane. There is no car park but room enough for two cars or so, much like alongside East Hagbourne park. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

We discovered this ground last year when I was getting my car MOT'd at the Chequers Garage. It is in the corner of the field and almost camouflaged. 

This play areas has only recently been refitted/ refurbished/ renovated - now I've started this blogging about parks business I'm probably going to have to become au fait with the terminology! - and is about 1,000 times better than the old park.

As you can see, there is plenty of shade.

New equipment: The essential fireman's pole. 

...for younger children

...and older children

The all-important zip wire.

The recreation ground has a basketball court, football posts, and a cricket pitch.  
The village has a community pavilion and a hall (next to All Saints Church). Both can be hired out. I am reliably informed that the parish council is eager to do this more often. 

I am taken with the Astons' Cafe myself. I visited on the 25/04/13 between 10-12 and was greeted by some very hospitable ladies equipped with a large tea urn and delicious home made cake. There are some toys and a small play area for small children.

The Sweet Olive is the restaurant in Aston's local The Chequers Inn. I know a lot of people like it very much. I have only been there once and that was about seven years ago now so I can't comment. However, it is just around the corner from the recreation ground.

There is no school in Aston Tirrold. 


Stained glass windows from St Michael's Church.


  1. Amazing, we just had a great hour there! When you've got an 18, 13, 5 and nearly-2 year old to entertain, you're always on the look out for somewhere like this. Such a range of good quality equipment. Thanks for writing this blog, Melissa, it's a real public service :-)

    1. I'm so glad:)
      We went to Upton park yesterday. I shall share the info with you once I get a spare few minutes.
      Many thanks for such a kind comment!