Sunday, 26 April 2015

Dry Sanford Pit

I found this nature reserve on the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust page. It is well worth a visit. It is easy to get to, there's lots of parking and there's plenty of space to wander around. I took my son and we were there for over an hour - and it was just a reccy for a warmer day. 

There are a couple of entrances to the reserve. One is on Lashford Lane - you would need to park on the road - and there is another a bit further down the road, it is well signposted with a big car park. 


Someone had rudely left a big dog poo under this sign. Perhaps it belonged to a fox with a sense of irony. 

Signs of wildlife...

There are fascinating explanation of the geology of the pit.

Friday, 10 April 2015


This park was absolutely packed on the Sunday we went. This may have had something to do with the football being played that day. 

Watlington park is big. It has a lot of equipment for children of all ages. There is a lot of parking and there's a public loo around the corner in the town centre, which is well signposted. 


Son is desperate to use this skate equipment.

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Berrick Salome

Berrick Salome park is small. The swings have been removed, but I am sure that the parish counsel has plans to replace them.

The park can be found along the main road through the village. There is space for one car immediately outside the fence. It is open for dogs. 



The nearest loo is in the local pub.

Thursday, 9 April 2015


I overheard in the park that this equipment is due to be replaced soon by the parish council, but in the meantime, this is Warborough's offering. 

There's plenty of parking space and nearby pub, whose landlord allows use of their toilet. 
The park is open -  the equipment is not closed in - and dogs are allowed. 

We stayed for about 45 mins, mainly due to my son coming without his sister. Playground equipment isn't really designed for adults!! 

Here's how to get to Warborough

There is a shop in the village. 

Huge playground...

Son was just about able to use this. He's a tall 6 year old. 

Really great slide - son liked climbing up these steps.

Pub. You can't miss it!

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Coming soon...

Sonning Common Woodland Trust Walk
Chedworth Roman Villa, NT property. 
Cocodiles of the World, Witney
Cogges Farm, Witney 
Appleton Park 
Drayton St Leonard
Tokers Green 

On the list to visit...

Ducklinton Park
Hill End Park
Wantage Park
Marcham Park
Kilkenny Country Park
Sonning park

Sulham woods
Mappledurham park
Caversham park gardens 

If you have any park suggestions please let me know:) 

Additionally, lots of pubs with playgrounds have been photographed and are ready to be put on the imaginatively named 'Pubs with Playgrounds' blog. Watch this - and that - space:) 

Shotover Country Park, Oxford

This really is easy to get to. Take the turning left, down next to the Churchill Hospital - in the opposite direction to Oxford Brookes University - and continue on up. It is a bit hilly, but eventually you will get to a car park. It's amazing how quickly the landscape changes into countryside. 


There's lots of parking. 

There is a large wood: We visited with a friend who had been before and apparently there is a sandpit. Unfortunately we didn't stay long because it started to rain quite heavily so we didn't find it.

Grey day but still a lovely view:

Info map

Compulsory tree climbing

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Wallingford Playground. 

The entrance to Wallingford Playground can be found opposite the main entrance to Waitrose car park, here.

There's loads of parking in Wallingford. It is all well signposted. 

It was quite a muddy day so we didn't stay long. However, we'll go back:) 

Obligatory toilet info:

Wonkey camera work...

There are actually two play areas. 

Smaller playground for little children:

Very fast merry-go-round. 

And the park for older children: 

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