Sunday, 18 August 2013

South Moreton Park 

This park is one of my children's favourites, and last time we went, it was even better. With additional equipment and extra benches conveniently placed in the shade, we stayed for nearly two hours. 

Getting to South Morton park is really easy. Drive passed Tesco, take the second turning on the right (Long Wittenham Road) towards the Moretons, drive through North Moreton, turning right onto the High Street (you will see the church in front of you but don't drive passed it, turn right). You should see The Bear Inn on your left. Continue over the Dunsomer Hill - you'll drive over the train track. Take the first turning on your left. It is a small residential street. Don't worry about parking outside, as long as you don't park over driveways (of course!!) the residents don't mind - I have spoken to many about where would be convenient to park and they've all been lovely.

Find this park on the google map I made for you.  

South Moreton Park has everything (except a zip wire) for every age child. Even though it is quite a small village, it is often busy. 

My children love this 'castle'.

This fort is pretty good for smaller children.

Plenty of climbing equipment

Lovely shade.

I really like slides like this one which is built into a hill. Feels safer for smaller children. 

Climbing frames for smaller children. 

New seating.

There are other pieces of equipment. 

Nearby parks

North Moreton, Blewbury, Upton, Cholsey, Brightwell - cum - Sotwell. 

Other Stuff

There is a school in the village. 

South Moreton does have a church, but it is probably going to close soon, at least according to a resident I spoke to last Sunday. 

Here are some pictures of North Moreton church's stained glass windows - they are quite famous and feature in Simon Jenkins' '1000 Best Churches'. 

Here you can see the windows are very old as the faces have been scrubbed off. This happened during the Reformation . This glass is over 700 years old! 

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  1. We spent nearly 2 hours here this morning - a really excellent park for my 4 and nearly-3 year olds. Lots of variety, and good scope for imaginative play as well as just climbing and swinging.