Friday, 27 June 2014

Abbey Meadows, Abingdon

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We love this park. Not only is it in the beautiful town of Abingdon, along a lovely stretch of the river, but it has plenty of parking, is near shops, has a loo (I know, I too feel I'm obsessed with loos), a water park and an outdoor swimming pool. 

I went to take these pictures on my own, without the kids (I work in Abingdon, you see) and was made to feel like a criminal by the parents in the park. The upside of this is that I feel this extra diligence is good for all our children. 

Here are some pictures of the park and the Abbey gardens. 

and the piece de resistance!

The gardens are also lovely: 

There are several car parks in Abingdon, all clearly signposted. I have never had trouble parking. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Streatley Park 

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Streatley is just down the road from Moulsford park and Basildon Park. Turn right out of the car park onto the Wallingford Rd and drive for a short while you will see a signpost for 'recreation ground' off the Wallingord Rd (the A3289) on your left. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

I found this park by accident, I was actually looking to go to Goring, but it is lovely here. This park has more for little children than does Moulsford. 


This equipment is in an enclosed area:

This equipment is not in an enclosed area.

Some adult equipment, there is more on the other side of the field:

Lots of seating.

The landlord of the Bull allows us of his loo. Please ask beforehand. 


Moulsford has a new park! It is lovely, easy to find, there's plenty of parking space and it doesn't take too long to get to from Didcot. 

It really isn't hard to find this playground. There's only one main road through Moulsford. You can see it from the road. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

There is no public loo here, but there is an infamous pub. There are also lots of trees (for shade, not for weeing in, what do you think I'm suggesting?!:))

The playground isn't enclosed. This wouldn't have occurred to me as important until recently however, when my son was chased around a playground by a dog after his ice cream, leaving him terrified. 

I shall endeavour to go back through all the parks to check which ones are open. 

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                   Moulsford recreation ground is extremely nice, and big, too. 

My children like assault courses.

My children are 5 and 8 and this was perfect for them. As they have gotten older, I seem to have lost the ability to judge as to whether playgrounds are suitable for really young children, but there are some baby swings here. 

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The landlady of the Beetle and Wedge allows use of her w/c. 

Nearby parks


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

East Hanney

You can get to East Hanney easily. From Didcot and Abingdon go to Steventon and take the Hanney Road, which is off the High Street. Hanney road is opposite Steventon Village Hall and is well sign posted. You can also get to Hanney easily from the A417, the Reading Rd. From the Reading Rd from the Rowstock Roundabout, continue on the Charlton Rd, bear right on to Seesen Way (the A338) which turns into Grove St. and then Station Rd. You will see Williams on your left and East Hanney is the next village on your left. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

It's not that easy to find the park, however. From Steventon, ensure you drive past La Fontana restaurant, which will be on your right. Take a right turn onto the A338, then your immediate left Into the Main Street. Continue on down, the pub 'The Black Horse' will be on your left. Follow the road down until  you get to Mill Orchard then bear right into that road. Follow Mill Orchard then turn right into Brookside. You will see the recreation ground at the end of this road. 

                                       There is a lot of parking space. 

                                           This shop is on your right: 

The equipment is well used and obviously well loved. 

I have been told that this climbing frame has been replaced. 

                                         Equipment for children of all ages. 


                                              Lots of climbing equipment:

                                   There is also the regular swings and see-saw. 

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Saturday, 21 June 2014


Stadhampton has a lovely park. It is easy to see from the main road. There is lots of space to park your car. Although there isn't a loo, there is a garden centre with a coffee shop down the road. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

This is one of my son's favourite parks. It doesn't take too long to get there - it is straight over the Notcutts roundabout and takes about 15 minutes from Didcot. 

There's no shade in this park, so it can get pretty hot in the summer. However, there is an enormous playing field.