Saturday, 8 November 2014

Goring II - Bourdillon Field

This second recreation ground is for bigger children. It is tricky to find and all the more so because the road it is on has an avenue with the same name parallel to it and of course I took the wrong turning. The two confused roads are off the B4009 which turns into the Wallingford Rd and goes past the train station entrance. The roads are Milldown Avenue and Milldown Rd. You want Milldown Rd - the second rd. It is near the primary school. There is no special parking but there is room for a couple of cars at the end of the road. 

Find the map here.

You access the playground via this little alley off to your left. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Goring I

There are two parks in Goring and one tennis court. They are not obvious and you cannot see them from the main road through the village so to make it easy for you I have made a map. Just click here

There is some parking parallel with the train track along Upper Red Cross Road. Orientating yourself with the train station, turn left from the train station entrance, turn left again to go over the bridge and then take the first right hand turn. There were spaces on the right hand side. Failing that, there is actually rather a lot of public car parking in Goring and it is well sign posted. 

This first playground is for very small children. It was built as a memorial and has a touching plaque attached to the railings. 

There is a very large recreational field - the last time I was here I was 15 years old and snogging a boy called Daniel Gill, so it was with a nostalgic grin that I revisited this place!

My daughter is 8 and spent a whilst playing on this - most the other equipment was a bit too small for her. 

Lovely little climbing frame. 

Small swings.

'proper' slide. 

There are two of these. The other is a see-saw. 

Field with lovely view. 

Other stuff...

There is a village shop in Goring, a couple of pubs, and a couple of tea rooms and another pub across the bridge in Streatley. I shall get around to uploading some info about them soon. 

Thursday, 16 October 2014


This is a lovely little park and convenient if you are on your way to/ from Cowley to do shopping. It is just down the road from Nuneham Courtenay Arboretum and very close to both Stadhampton and Florence Park playgrounds and Sandford on Thames Lock (which I haven't yet visited, but I shall).

To get here, turn off the A4074 at the first exit after you've driven through Nuneham Courtenay, continue over the first roundabout (signpost for the Kassam) enusring you ae still on the Henley Road, drive passed the Catherine Wheel and then take the left hand turn onto Church Road. The park is right next to the Church on your right hand side. There's no car park but there is room on the road. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 


Sorry, dog lovers. 

This looks FUN!

Big and small...

Plenty of climbing opportunities:) 

More climbing:)

Lovely field...

Fun for little ones...

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

West Ilsley

I was told that West Ilsley was worth a visit and it is. A lovely little playground - with cows looking over the fence, a large green and a pub. Take some duck food  - there's a pond, too. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

To get to West Isley is really simple. Go south (from Didcot) down the A34, take the first slip road, go over the bridge following the directions to West Ilsey - you'll be travelling along Bury Lane for a little while. When you get to the village, turn right along the 'Tour of Berkshire'. The park is on your left hand side. You really can't miss it - it is really easy to find. 

There's no designated parking, we parked along the road outside the farm but the road isn't busy.

My children really enjoyed this playground and we were there for 1.5 hours. I really like that the swings are sectioned off a bit from the rest of the equipment and in a corner.

There is equipment for children of all ages, little swings, big swings, a big slide, little slide:

The pub - The Harrow - is the white building in the centre of the page. They very kindly allowed my children to use their facilities. 


You can get to the Ridgeway from Bury Lane. There is designated parking either side of the road. 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Hampstead Norreys

To get to Hampstead Norreys follow the road around from Compton. You can either continue on down the main road all the way through Compton, or take the road right just before you get to Compton. Either way will do. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

It took a fair while to find this park and recreation ground because the village is so long and I went the long way around to it - the road from Compton is basically a loop. However, if you have been to the Living Rainforest then you'll most certainly be able to find it. It is right next to the school. There's loads of room for parking next to the village hall.

This park's equipment is a bit more grown up compared to Compton's. There's lots of seating and more shade. The park is not enclosed, unlike East Ilsley's or Compton's. I don't recall seeing any 'no dogs allowed' sign, although there is an extensive list of other things that are prohibited, see below. I think 'F' (below) might be difficult to enforce unless there is a person collecting smart phones at the entrance to the recreation ground. 

There is a lot of adult equipment in this park, too. 

Massive recreation ground.

It's for adults, too:) 

I haven't gotten around to finding out about toilets yet - but I shall shortly. 

Nearby parks:

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