Sunday, 16 June 2013

Blewbury Park

Blewbury park is my children's most favourite park. Like Appleford park, it is easy to find.  It is off the A417 London Road. It is directly opposite Savages garden centre (teas, coffees, breakfast, lunch available) and next to the graveyard. There is a large car park a little way off the main road just outside the park grounds.

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

When we went last Sunday there was a portaloo in the park grounds. I am not sure if this is for public use or just for cricket spectators/ players (the cricket ground is set closer to the main road). 

Blewbury park is really quite something. It probably has the best zip wire of all the parks we have thus far visited. It has some amazing swings - of four varieties - and the best climbing pyramids I have ever seen. There is a lot of shade from the purpose built wooden gazebo, a climbing frame/ fireman's pole/ slide and also a large skate park. This park is most definitely not for small children, on the whole, as the equipment is on the 'chunkier' side. 

Large gazebo

More swings

Still more swings.

There is another park in Blewbury - for smaller children. It can be found at the opposite side, near the post office. I shall visit shortly. 

There is a school, too.

Blewbury has a very active village society and is very 'arty'. A number of local artists live here. 

Between Blewbury and the Astons there is a very noticeable land mark - Blewburton Hill. It is accessible and offers great views. Behind the recreation ground there are paths towards Chilton - ideal for walkers and cyclists. 

Pubs in Blewbury

There are two pubs in Blewbury. The Red Lion and The Barley Mow. I haven't been to either yet but one day I will!

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  1. This is such a cool park & we regularly go when the teenagers are with us. I've never seen swings like this anywhere else - two button swings hanging from one point which seem to manage not to collide... A huge button swing with choice of 3 levels to jump from. All the adults I've been with enjoy themselves here, too, and there are plenty of easy walks starting from the park up the hill & back. Great for dogs too.

  2. My kids (4 and nearly-3) loved this park, especially the basket swing which is enormous! We spent about 45 minutes here despite the fact that a lot of the equipment was a bit big for them.