Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Didcot - Edmond's Park 

Edmond's park is one of the best Didcot has to offer. It can be found next to The Wave swimming pool. 

Here is a checklist for the park. 

The playground can be located on this Map. 

You can park either next to the Wave swimming pool on Newlands Avenue, or across the other side of the park, off Park Rd. 

I am pleased to add this new feature - 360 degree views -  courtesy of Nikhilesh Havel.

The great thing about this playground is that it has two play areas, one for smaller children, the other for bigger children. My children are happy to play in either. 

For younger children:

Stones - avoiding the lava field...

Seats in the shade.

I never liked my children climbing this slide when they were really small. 

...but I was much happier with this slide which is, incidentally, very fast.

Always a popular climbing frame.

For little ones

The only playground in Didcot with a sandpit. 

Another slide and climbing frame. 

For older children:

This zip wire is, according to my daughter, very slow. What a shame. 

Button swing.

This is a large climbing frame. The middle section isn't here as it was occupied. 

Out of action:(

There is a shop nearby - a small Tesco on the Cockcroft precinct. 

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