Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cholsey Park 

I had never been to Cholsey until Sunday. A few people told me what a great park is has. Actually, it has two play parks in the recreation ground. One is enclosed, the other is at the far end and is not.

The recreation ground is very easy to find. It's off Station Road and has plenty of car parking space, being outside the village hall, 'The Pavilion'. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

Of course it's possible to get to Cholsey by train. 

Despite the cold we stayed for 1.5 hours, and tried out both play areas. 

Apparently is is possible to buy fresh fish on Fridays in the village and I have been told it's lovely. 

Equipment in the enclosed area. As you can see, there's a wide variety. 

The landlord of the Red Lion allows children to use his loo. There is one he built in an outside 'shed'.

There is a school in the village and also a variety of shops. 

I intend to visit again, not least because the church is kept locked. Luckily a friend knows the lady with the key so my curiosity can still be 

 Milton Park 

Milton park is very nice. It can be found at the bottom of School Lane, which is off the High Street. There is space for a couple of cars outside the gate and more space at the end of the lane. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

The park is very nice. There's plenty of shade.

A good view of the power station from the bottom of School Lane: 

Milton has a village shop on the High Street. Last time I went it was not manned but did have CCTV.

It also has a pub which is on the corner of the High Street and Church Lane, on the opposite side of the road to School Lane. Also Milton House is at the bottom of Church Lane. It is possible to get married in Milton House.
There is no school in Milton. 

Here's some info.

It also has a lovely church - and of course I went in. It has the most amount of stained glass than any church I've visited. 

Sutton Courtenay I 

Sutton Courtenay has two parks. This one is the park off the High Street, along Old Wallingford Way. I believe the recreation ground is signposted. There is a large car park. 

The other park can be found here

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

This recreation ground has a basketball court, a skate park and an enclosed area with equipment. 

We have been to this park several times, usually on the way back from Abingdon if we are not quite ready to stop playing. 

  • There is a shop along the High Street. It is run by a very friendly family.
  • There are three pubs. 
  • Cricket is played in the recreation.
  • There is a school here, too

Sutton Courtenay is a really interesting village. The (probable) birthplace of the Empress Matilda and the burial place of George Orwell. If you would like to find out more, i.e. about local walks, look here

Sutton Courtenay Church 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

East Hendred Park

East Hendred, for some reason, inexplicable even to myself, this is one of my favourite villages. I used to cycle there with friends when I was a teenager. 

The park is small, awkward to get to if you arrive at the wrong time (we arrived just as both schools were coming out), and you're not supposed to park in the village hall car park (I did, nothing happened). 

You get to East Hendred from the Reading Road - the A417 - from Harwell to Wantage, the same road you turn off to get to Ardington and West Hendred. There are two ways into East Hendred, and it really is quite a tentacular village so it's probably best to look at the map. However, if you find Church Street, drive passed St Augustine's Church, follow the road right and continue up the road. You will see Snell's Hall in front of you. The park is in a little dip, is a little bit 'squashed' but has everything there (except a fireman's pole and a zip wire, but you can't have everything).

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

Nice view from the park

Nearby parks

(Towards Wantage) Ardington, West Hendred, East along the Reading Road in the opposite direction: Chilton, Harwell (also Upton and Blewbury). 

There is a shop in East Hendred and it is nice and big. It sells lots of fresh vegetables.

There are three pubs in East Hendred. 
You can access the Ridgeway from this lovely place. 

Other stuff

David and Sam Cameron got married in East Hendred. The church was locked. 

West Hendred Park

West Hendred park is really great. We spent two hours there and my kids were thoroughly entertained. It is easy to get to and there is parking next to the park in the village hall car park. 

To get there, just take the turning off the Reading Road, the A417 (the road from Harwell to Wantage) towards West Hendred. Continue along the same road, The Greenway, and you will see the park on your right. It's really not hard to find and you'll not get lost. If you find you drive passed the church then you have gone too far. 

Find this park on the google map I made for you. 

This village boasts and WI, a pub, a village hall. There is no school - but there is one in the next village of East Hendred. 

Nearby parks

Ardington, East Hendred, Harwell, Chilton. 

Stained glass from the church.