Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Brightwell-Cum-Sotwell Donkey Sanctuary.

We finally made it here, after years and years of driving by! It is very small but my children were delighted with it. It is not really possible to spend a long time here. A trip might be stretched out with a drink and a visit to the gift shop, but we used it as a stop-over en route to Wallingford playground. 

Take the first turning, right, into Brightwell from Didcot. Turn right again and carry on down to the ed of the track. There's loads of parking. Carry on through the closed gates, past the offices and you'll be inside the sanctuary.


Opening times: 

There are two large enclosures - one for the Jennys and one for the Jacks. 

Huge parking space: 

There is also a shop and a coffee shop. 

Toilets on site. 

 There aren't just donkeys - there are also pigs, goats and ducks.

and lots and lots of donkeys!

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