Sunday, 23 August 2015

Wolvercote Playground

Most importantly, and therefore first, there are public loos in Wolvercote. You can find them on this map here. The toilet is on your right as you get over both bridges an is located in a car park. 

Now that's done, the second most important thing is to say that I have NEVER seen so many pubs in one village. Probably not since Harwell had, erm, was it 5 village pubs, have I thought that the Temperance Union probably needs a come back. Joking aside, and back to the point - the playground can be found in the centre of the village on a triangular patch. 

If you are coming from Whytham all you have to do is follow the main road and you will see the playground in front of you. 

We spent quite some time in this playground. My children really enjoyed climbing on the logs, although the equipment, bar the swings, was verging in the small for my daughter. 

There is a shop further down the main road, om the left hand side, should you need it. 


I know, I may have a problem...

This pub opens at 9 am (like the Red Lion in Brightwell Cum Sotwell). It's directly opposite the playground in Wolvercote.

This one is next to the one above.


Whytham playground
Whytham Woods
Cutteslowe park