Thursday, 24 July 2014

Nuffield Place

Another National Trust property. We really are spoilt for them around here, so it is about time we used our membership. 

Find Nuffield Place on the google map I made for you. 

Nuffield was the third NT  property we visited this week, after Greys House and Basildon Park. The last time we visited was about this time last year. My son was 4.5 and tore around the house looking for hidden golf balls at warp speed. This time the activity was to find objects in each room that were printed onto playing cards. Perhaps that extra year helped his patience as our walk around the house was waaaaay more leisurely.

We couldn't stay long today as we arrived quite late. We could easily have spent twice as long playing. The children climbed tress and played (I say that in a loose sense as, again, I am just not posh enough to know the rules!) croquet. Last time we were here we made dens in the woods and went for a long walk. 


Matching game 

What child wouldn't find chamber pots - gazunders - entertaining?! 

Croquet on the lawn, anyone?

Lots of trees to climb

 Plug for the NT:)