Thursday, 3 July 2014


The parks' manager from Abingdon Council told me he is most proud of this park, and for good reason. Cumnor park is great! It has areas for big children and small children; equipment for disabled children, although I'm no expert on this; a wonderful array of musical instruments and adult gym equipment. 

To get to Cumnor from the A34 take the Abingdon exit. Turn left at MacDonalds, following the sign for Abingdon College. Follow the ring road until you see the sign for Cumnor and Wootton. Turn left at this roundabout. Continue straight on until you find yourself in Cumnor. It's only a small village. The park is clearly sign posted and can be found on Glebe Road. 

There isn't a dedicated parking area. Unfortunately I arrived on the afternoon of the school sports day, so parking was pretty bad. I was obliged to go to the pub, just to wait for traffic to clear, you understand!

I am sure my children will absolutely love it here. I intend to find out in the summer holidays.

There is a separate, enclosed area for smaller children: 

I've only ever seen this particular roundabout and swing in Florence park. To my great shame I hadn't noticed the absence of equipment for disabled children but I shall keep an eye out for it. If anyone has a keener eye than I do, please let me know and I shall update this blog. 

I also really love the musical instruments. There was a very small child using them, clearly having a great time. 

The last time we came across one of these 'telephone' flowers was in Streatley park and my daughter really enjoyed playing with it. 

Other musical instruments

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There is a village shop, found on the Abingdon Road, open from 9-6pm Monday-Saturday. There is another shop on the Oxford Road but I didn't visit that one.
The church has a cool stained glass window with a dragon on it. 

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