Monday, 21 July 2014

Waterperry Gardens

It's the holidays so I've arbitrarily decided, since this is my blog, to cover a series of 'guest' places. Yes, giving it a fancy name seems to lend some legitimacy to a departure from the usual - free - parks. Another reason for including places that aren't playgrounds in villages is that I am running out of really close places to visit. That said, Waterperry Gardens isn't exactly just down the road. 

Anyway, we went here today. It was lovely. It has some of my favourite things - a large walled garden (perhaps I listened to Rapunzal too much as a child, or maybe I fantasise about about being a character from Much Ado, hiding behind hedges and eavesdropping on others' convos); loads of flowers and some water. 

Waterperry Gardens is an horticultural school. It is incredibly beautiful and has tonnes of places to hide out. Because of all the trees there is loads of shade. Hoooray! It was needed today! My son, who is 5, did not want to leave. We arrived c.2.30 and left c. 6.45. I have promised to take my children back. The hide and seek potential is too great to miss. 

There is lots of parking, loos and a tea room. Basically everything you could want for a trip out. 

There is an orchard with 45 different types of apples. I read on the Wallingford Piper that Blewbury and Brightwell have their own apple presses. I saw this ad which made me realise how utterly ignorant I am of anything 'apple'. 

To other pictures...

Roses are red...and all other colours. These are my favs though and as I take the pictures that's what you get!

Why aren't modern gardens big enough for pergolas?!:(( 

I like Roman style gardens. This one made me fancy a trip to Pompeii. 

Reminscent of Beatrice and Benedict. 

I WANT a walled garden!! 

This path - under the arch - leads down to very deep water. 
However, the garden is big enough for you to avoid this if you wish. 

More red flowers. 

...and water lillies. This is in a pond, away from the pond which is through the gate. 

The labyrinth kept my children occupied for 45 mins!

There are a couple of ways to get to Waterperry. I went through Cowley, towards Wheatley and followed the directions from there. It is v near the Oxford Brooke's Campus. 

Their website.   

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