Monday, 25 May 2015

Kingston Bagpuize House 

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An extremely lovely pile. Great garden and from what visitors are allowed to see of the house, it is, in not very technical language, of the standard manor sort! You know, big rooms, fashionable Chinese wallpaper, plenty of glassware, etc etc.

The house is easy to get to. Drive past Millets farm, through Marcham and towards Southmoor. The House is on the A415 and can be found on this map

The House's opening times can be found here.

You must pay in cash. There is a cash point in nearby Southmoor - and also a pub with a playground. I shall enter that in the other blog. 

There is a tea room in the basement - not the easiest if you are on your own with a pushchair and a sleeping baby, but lovely once you are down there. I bought one tea, one hot chocolate and two slices of cake for under £10, so it is of the average price. The ladies in the tea room are lovely and very helpful. 

If you have a spare couple of hours and like me, enjoy gardens and their smells, you'll love Kingston Bagpuize House. My children like to run around playing hide and seek so all was well in the Mallows household the day we visited:)