Sunday, 3 August 2014

Blenheim Palace

Oh, the shame! The shame! Confession time: today was our - my husband's and mine -  first time. We've always meant to. We've got so close so many times and been told by sooooo many how good it is, but it took a free passage to finally prick my interests. I had always been put off by the price- it is expensive when you have to pay to get in - but that price does include a free upgrade.

The gardens are trimmed - with bushes that are shaped like crenellations in the Italian garden. There is a train that leads to the Pleasure Gardens, but we didn't go there, sticking to the formal gardens as the jousting was on today, which we were somewhat distracted by, watching grown men charging up and down spearing things, and trained birds hunting for their prey. It was extremely entertaining and a little bit exciting. Our son LOVES jousting. The only only place we've seen jousting is at Warwick and it costs twice as much to get in there. 

Blenheim is the family seat of Winston Churchill. Of course a person born into such vast wealth and privilege would feel at home in Parliament. 

To get to Blenheim is very easy. It's off the A34, turning at the sign for the A44 towards Woodstock. From there it is so easy to find that it would actually be insulting to give you further directions - if you are reading this you will be able to make your way there.

Find Blenheim Palace on the google map I made for you. 

The grounds are ENORMOUS. The House is the whole 9 yards - actually 7 acres! 7 acres! Blimey. The 'hallway' has more square feet than our first studio flat. We have visited a few NT properties over the last two weeks but they pale into insignificance next to this monolithic building.

There are loos and a restaurant and the biggest gift shop I have EVER seen. 

So, here are the pictures: 

Son thinks fighting in the nude is probably not a good idea. 
We think he might be right.

I don't know about you but I'd prefer a cool water park on my front lawn:) 

The biggest flower pots. Bigger than the biggest ones at Knossos. 

The Italian Garden. There was a wedding going on here.