Sunday, 10 August 2014

Didcot, Ladygrove Park Playground - Tyne Avenue.

With thanks, once again, to Susan Smith and her children for the details.

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Familiarity has made us forget what a great play area this is.  It has the additional bonus that it is frequented by school and nursery friends so I can sit and read a book while the kids run off and amuse themselves for hours.  There was added excitement today as there was a new bit of play equipment.  The only problem is that it turns into a swamp all through the rainy months, with a small lake forming at the bottom of the big climbing frame.

It is a nicely thought out fenced play area, with lots of trees for shade particularly around the toddler equipment, and also lots of hills to run/roll down.  I’ve never driven here, but there seems to usually be plenty of parking on the road outside, and the nearby Hungry Horse pub is big enough to sneak into to use the toilet.  

Baby swings which you can watch the trains from (known in our family as ‘the train 
swings’) and a pedal roundabout.  You need to be about 5 to reach the pedals.

 A second set of (smaller) baby swings, and a few things-on-springs.

A huge climbing frame.  

Stuff aimed at the older kids, so of course mine head straight for it.

The brand new roundabout.  It can fit 8 children and still goes very fast!

A very good swinging basket as it both swings in circles and spins.

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