Sunday, 10 August 2014

Didcot Loyd Rd Rec – Brasenose Road

Details courtesy of Susan Smith

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Loyd Rec play area has some nice stuff but is clearly in need of a bit of TLC, with peeling paint and bits missing from play equipment.  However it has a nice variety of equipment.  The play area is fenced off from the rest of the park, parking is on the road outside, and we didn’t notice any nearby toilets.  My kids weren't all that impressed with this one but we still stayed 25 minutes. 

 Climbing frame #1 with different levels of challenge for different ages.

A very slow and heavy see saw – no use for a 3 and 5 year old!  Climbing frame #2 is a bit smaller than the first and more aimed at toddlers.  There is also a large slide, 2 baby swings and 2 normal swings.   

A strange climbing net thingy, and one lonely lion on a spring.

Climbing frame #2 from the other side – some nice bits to climb up but mostly for little’uns.  

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