Sunday, 10 August 2014

Didcot - Great Western Drive Rec – Foxhall Rd

With thanks to Susan Smith for these details, compiled during an epic park crawl!

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I know this park quite well as it is right next to All Saints Youth & Community Hall.  We spent about half an hour here before a sudden downpour stopped play.  There is one big climbing frame aimed at older kids but the rest of the playground is very toddler-friendly.   It is fenced off from the rest of the park, but there’s no shade at all in the play area (although there are some trees outside in the park).  The play area is quite noisy as it’s right next to a busy road, and there’s nowhere nearby to go to the toilet (the hall isn’t generally open unless it’s been booked for something).   Unfortunately the hall aren’t keen on you using their car park, but there is usually plenty of parking on Great Western Drive. 

Slide with a hill instead of steps, and a little tunnel.  

Big kids climbing frame – this was way to big for my two to attempt.

A floor level roundabout which is a bit slow and noisy.  

Nice toddler seesaw – most seesaws are still too big for my two but this one works well and copes with their difference in size!

Bog standard swingy-basket.

The sandpit has two little horses on springs and a bucket on a chain. 
There are also two baby swings, and a zip wire which was broken this visit.